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Les six navires qui composaient la flottille internationale ont ete emmenes vers le port d'Ashdod au sud d'Israel. Le materiel ( 100 scooters electriques et des tonnes de materiels medicals) doit desormais etre decharge, verifie et Israël promet de l'acheminer par la route vers la bande de Gaza. Israel qui se trouve dans une position extremement difficile sur la scene internationale. ?.Ashdod Port workers unload cargo from three ships that took part in the flotilla that were raided yesterday and start to transport it into the Gaza Strip on Tuesday, June 1, 2010. Goods found on flotilla include 100 electric scooters and tons of medical equipment. After clashes with ships carrying hundreds of passengers and aid destined for the Gaza Strip left at least 9 activists dead and dozens wounded. Israel's military troops came under fire when they attempted to seize control of a protest flotilla carrying humanitarian supplies to the Gaza Strip. Protesters call the deaths murder, and the violence is widely condemned. .