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.Deuil suite à au décés d'un agriculteur de 20 ans qui travaillait dans un champ de pommes de terre dans le kibboutz Ein Hashlosha, près de la bande de Gaza. .Friends and Kibbutz workers grieve at the scene for a foreign volunteer in a western Negev kibbutz who was killed on Tuesday morning, January 15, 2008 when he was shot by a Palestinian sniper. The 20-year-old man from Ecuador, was working in a potato field in Kibbutz Ein Hashlosha, near the central Gaza Strip, about 100 meters from the perimeter fence, as an Israel Defense Forces operation killed at least 15 Palestinians in ground and air raids on Gaza City. An emergency team was called to the scene and took the man, who was in serious condition, to the kibbutz infirmary, where he died of his wounds.