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Des soldats de l'unite d'elite speciale Israelienne "Dawn" s'entrainent a un exercice de recherche et de sauvetage en plein coeur du camp militaire a Tel-Aviv Hakirya simulant une attaque de missiles conventionnels nucleaires, chimiques et biologiques..Soldiers from the special Israeli elite unit "Dawn" receive their final briefing before they participate in a search and rescue exercise in the heart of the HaKirya army camp in Tel Aviv on 11 November 2010 as part of an exercise that simulates a scenario of a non-conventional missile barrage on the center area of Israel. Battalions Shahar (Dawn) is a special elite defense force unit in Israel trained to participate in search and rescue events as well as non-conventional events such as the aftermath use of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons which arise as a result of warfare, terrorist actions or mass disasters.