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Quelques jours avant la peche, l'etang est vide grace au "thou". Cet ouvrage autrefois en bois, aujourd'hui en ciment, permet de retenir ou de lacher l'eau a volonte. Les etangs, souvent superposes ou disposes en chapelet, communiquent entre eux par un canal de vidange. L'etang se vide peu a peu et le poisson se refugie alors dans le creux de l'etang..Le contenu est alors deverse dans un grand baquet de plusieurs metres de long ou les carpes, gardons, tanches et brochets vont être tries. ...A few days before being harvested, the pond is drained through the "thou". This old wooden structure, now in cement, can retain or release water at will. Ponds, often stacked or arranged in series, communicate with each other by a canal discharge. The pond empties slowly and the fish took refuge in the hollow of the pond..The contents are then poured into a large tub of several meters in length where the carp, roach, tench and pike will be sorted. It is a delicate and painstaking work because one must be careful with frozen hands by the cold morning, of pitting caused by catfish sometimes abundant in the pond while sorting fish each spill quickly.