About Wostok Press

The Agency was created by Slavika Jovicevic journalist and Jean Claude Zullo photographer in 1990 with the primary purpose of covering the conflict events related to the Eastern countries.
Since the advent of digital and the globalization of photography, the agency has adapted to new technologies that have disrupted the production and distribution of our documents via Internet.
Photographers have a look at free, independent and thoughtful international news. The main objective is to inform, testify, despite the risks and the increasing difficulty of exercising our profession in the face of censorship. Close to so-called "documentary" photography, the passion for this profession of photojournalist remains intact within the team. Today, photographers essentially cover social, economic and political news with specificities that can respond to different forms of orders.
As privileged witnesses of the events that take place every day, the photographers of the Wostok agency transmit daily their documents which tell our world and are the reflection of our time sometimes the time of a meeting ...
The photo collection for the professional press is available in high definition on the digital servers of our partner service providers.
The Agency is recognized by the Joint Committee for Publications of the Press Agencies (CPPAP).

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