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Le bataillon Caracal situe sur une base militaire dans le desert de Negev est un bataillon de combat d'infanterie de l' armee Israelienne qui est composee de soldats de sexe masculin et feminin d'origine Juive et Arabe. Caracal a ete cree en 2001.Caracal unite during a Israeli army flag ceremony in a base in the Negev desert. The Caracal Battalion is an infantry combat battalion of the Israel Defense Forces that is composed of male and female soldiers of Jewish and Arab descent.The battalion is named after the Caracal, a small cat whose sexes appear the samePreviously women had mostly been prevented from serving in direct combat positions, but due to growing public pressure, the Caracal unit was formed in 2000, and was assigned patrols along the Israel-Egyptian border.The battalion took part in Israel's unilateral withdrawal from the Gaza Strip in the summer of 2005.