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Le festival de Pernik est l'un des carnavals les plus populaires en Bulgarie depuis 1966. .Le festival international des jeux de mascarade est organise chaque annee paire au mois de janvier. La signification de l'antique tradition Surva est de chasser le mal de la nouvelle annee et d'apporter la santé et une bonne recolte. ..Surva is the oldest festival of the masquerade games in bulgaria, each eyar in january. it attracts about 6000 participants from across the country. Held annually in town of pernik, it promotes the ancient bulgarian custom. Wearing impressive self-made wooden masks of animals and costumes covered with woolen tassels and large bells, the ìkukersî perform a ritual dance to scare away sickness and evil spirits. Traditionally, at the last days of the year the ìkukersíí visit the people houses at night, after going around the village they gather at the square and perform a jumping dance, filling the air with sound of jingling bells and whispered blessings wishes for prosperity.